We offer a unique children's program designed by the Life.Church Open Network that can be adjusted based on how your family chooses to gather, either physically or digitally. Feel free to check out this weeks' content, including downloadable video-lessons and printable activities for our Explorers & Scramblers (Toddler & Preschool), Campers (Elementary), and Climbers (Junior Youth). Scroll to the bottom of this page for a quick explanation of each group.

During Our Physical Gatherings:

  • During our Sunday gatherings at 9:30 or 11:00 AM, parents sign-in their children, and are given an ID tag that coincides with their child's name tag. (This ID tag is then submitted when the child is signed out.)
  • Occasionally, we offer a parent-led space, perfect for parents who want to learn how to teach their children about Jesus and the Bible, and bring discipleship into the home.
  • Please note that we encourage all parents to serve at least once each month, to aid in the care and discipleship of all our children. There are roles available To get started, click HERE to complete our Volunteer Application.


Mountainview Church is a Plan To Protect certified organization.

Request a copy of our Child Protection Policy.

  • Explorers (ages 0-2) are beginning to explore their surroundings. To help them do that, we provide a fun, comfortable and clean space for them. Our caring volunteers engage with children in free play, singing, interactive Bible lessons and snack time. For moms with nursing little ones, you are welcome to join us in this safe environment or you may use our "Mother's Room" as quieter, more private space.

  • Scramblers (ages 3-5) are a joy to watch as they discover the truths of the Bible. We focus on repetition and consistent routines, helping young children feel safe and cared for. With time for whole body and fine motor play as well as snacks and a short video lesson, your child will love Scramblers!

  • In Campers (grades 1-4) we provide a wide variety of teaching styles from games to hands on activities, and ensure the lessons meet the needs of each child. The larger age range provides many opportunities for peer to peer teamwork and even mentoring. The friendships and community formed here will last well beyond their elementary years.

  • There's never a dull moment in Climbers (grades 5-7)! These middle-schoolers will learn to follow Jesus as they engage in practical ministry service. Opportunities in hospitality and facility care, music, sound and media, or helping our toddler and preschool leaders. We strive to help our Climbers prepare for life's challenges through a biblical lens of loving and serving others. Alternately, middle-schoolers, like all our children, may stay with their parents or guardians until they're comfortable to join our program.

AWANA After-School Program

An excellent Bible study curriculum focused on Scripture memorization, exciting games, and engaging teaching, working together to make Awana an opportunity for your children to know, love and serve Christ. 

Thursdays 3:30-5:00 PM

Grades K-6