Spring and Fall Ministry Leadership Changes

Jeremy Norton, Lead Pastor (Spring 2024)

As seasons change, so do the structures of our ministry. With the spring and upcoming fall seasons, we’re seeing several transitions within our ministry leadership. I'd like to take this opportunity to share these changes with you, as well as extend an invitation to those who feel called to step into leadership roles.

Spring Ministry Leadership Changes

Pastoral Apprentice Transition #1: Our Pastoral Apprentice, Elijah Istchenko, has accepted a full-time pastoral position in Kimberley, BC, and will be leaving in May. His wife, Elizabeth, who has served as our Office Administrator, will obviously be departing with him. Elijah and Elizabeth have been incredible assets to our church, contributing immensely to our ministries. Their departure will undoubtedly leave a gap in our leadership. 🍂

Youth and Outreach Ministry Leadership: It's important to note that Elijah's role was funded through special funds outside of our operating budget. Prior to his tenure, these ministries were volunteer-led. Although we have volunteers in these areas, we’re now seeking individuals who are feeling called to lead one of these ministries:

  • Outreach Ministry - Planning outreach events and recruiting volunteers.
  • Junior Youth Ministry - Planning and volunteer team leadership.
  • Senior Youth Ministry - Planning and volunteer team leadership.

Office Administrator Transition: We’re pleased to announce that Kim Rendell has been training under Elizabeth and will officially take over the part-time Office Administrator staff position in mid-April. If you haven’t met Kim, please stop by the office, introduce yourself, and help us welcome her. 👋

Tech Ministry Changes: Additionally, there have been shifts within our Tech Ministry. Toan Nguyen is taking a sabbatical from his Audio Tech role for the rest of 2024 to volunteer in different capacities within the church. (You may have noticed him playing bass on Easter Sunday!) We’re excited to welcome Carl Kho to the Tech Team, who has been training to fill Toan's quarter-time staff role, recording, editing, and uploading for our podcast and radio ministries. Carl is also set to receive further training to assist in all Tech roles, strengthening our entire team. Stop by the Tech Booth, introduce yourself, and welcome Carl to the team. 🎧

Fall Ministry Leadership Changes

Pastoral Apprentice Transition #2: Our Pastoral Apprentice, Aaron Mones, is preparing to transition into his full-time pastoral role by the end of this summer, with the location still pending. Similar to Elijah, Aaron's role was funded through a special budget outside of our regular operating costs. Therefore, I will be resuming full responsibility for visitation and community group oversight. However, we’ll be in need of volunteer leadership to oversee these First Impressions ministry areas:

  • Hospitality - Scheduling coffee service and greeting volunteers.
  • Facilities - Scheduling regular maintenance and occasional repairs.

Online Ministry Transition: Emma McFarland has been instrumental in our online ministry, particularly in navigating through and out of the pandemic. Emma will be transitioning to film school in the fall, so we’re currently looking for someone to train with Emma over the summer. This individual would take over her quarter-time position, overseeing the following to continue our digital ministry and online presence.

  • Filming and Lighting
  • Video Editing and Uploading
  • Social Posting

The changes outlined above present both challenges and opportunities for our church community. If you feel God’s Spirit nudging you towards serving in any of the mentioned capacities, or if you're even remotely interested in exploring these opportunities, please drop me an email and let's have a chat over coffee ☕.

Email for more info. 📧

I am more than willing to meet and explore how you might be able to contribute to the growth and vibrancy of our church family. Ministry leadership isn’t just about filling roles; it's about fulfilling God's calling and purpose for our lives collectively.


Jeremy Norton, Lead Pastor

Mountainview Church, Whitehorse, YT