Winter 2023 - Looking to the Future

During the last half of 2022, there was a common phrase that I heard multiple times from leaders both inside and outside the church: “The pandemic compiled a decade of change into a couple of years.”

As I’ve surveyed our city and our local church, I believe the same can be said about our experience. With that in mind, as Pastor of Mountainview Church, I have been pursuing two main questions:

What changes to our culture do we need to be paying attention to?

What changes should we be making to reach our culture over the next 5-10 years?

Within this report I have added a number of external resources and statistics, both to provide evidence for the conclusions I’ve come to, and to provide support for decisions that will be made this year, and in the future.

May Christ continue to guide our serving and decision-making, as we continue to make Him known throughout Whitehorse, the Yukon and beyond.


Pastor Jeremy

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