July 1st, 2023 - Lead Pastor Quarterly Report

Mentorship Program

Our seven mentees are completing their final quarter of mentorship. It has been a privilege for Nicole and I to invest in the lives and spiritual growth of Emma McFarland, Rachel Neis, Mark and Erin Blydorp, Reuben and Caitlyn Kikkirt, and our online mentee, Keegan Marsh. Their dedication to personal growth and discipleship has been remarkable.

Spring Sermon Series

Throughout the spring months, we worked through three impactful sermon series. In April, we turned Holy Week into a month-long series, exploring the theme of "Rescue: God's Plan to Save Us," emphasizing the redemptive power of God's love poured out through Jesus. Through this theme, we were able to turn Easter into a season of spiritual growth instead of just a weekend event. In May, we delved into an important parable from the Gospel accounts; "The Sower: Planting Seeds of the Gospel," unpacking the various responses to the Gospel. Lastly, in June, we studied the book of Obadiah, learning from “Edom's Great Fall, God's Coming Kingdom," uncovering profound truths about God's justice and ultimate reign.

Partnership & Training

We have actively engaged in online training sessions with our Connexus Network Partnership. Additionally, we have worked through onboarding videos with ministry leaders and board members to ensure a smooth transition and effective teamwork. As Lead Pastor, I’ve also benefited from Lead Pastor-specific online training sessions provided by Connexus, enhancing my leadership skills and knowledge base for leading a local church.

Regional Conference and Board Work

To remain connected and gain insights from our greater FEB community, some of our staff and ministry leaders attended the IMPACT Regional Conference in Nanaimo, BC. This conference provided valuable networking opportunities and equipped our team with fresh perspectives on ministry. Furthermore, I was elected as a Regional Board Director for another 3-year term, and continue to participate in Regional Board meetings held in Langley, BC. This has helped me keep Whitehorse on the ministry map (so to speak) and given me the opportunity to contribute to the larger church community and collaborate on important matters related to how the Gospel is reaching Canada’s West Coast, both in BC and the Yukon.

Building Exterior Refresh Project

At the end of June, our membership passed a motion to allocate up to $70,000 from our building funds to refresh the exterior of our church building. This project aims to enhance the appearance and functionality of our facility, creating an inviting space for those inside and outside our church community. For further details on how you might be able to support this project, contact Aaron Mones at

The Next 3 Months (Summer 2023) Mentorship Program

Invitation letters have been sent out for our 2023-2024 mentorship cohort, targeting individuals between the ages of 18 and 30. We’re excited to welcome new mentees into our program, providing them with guidance, support, and encouragement in their spiritual journey, while developing their leadership skills, to be used inside and outside a church context.

Church Leader Apprenticeship Program

For those over 30 or who have successfully completed the mentorship program, we’ll be launching a 1-year Church Leader Apprenticeship program. This initiative aims to develop a pipeline for leadership succession within our board and ministry teams; developing a new generation of Elders and Deacons, ensuring a vibrant Gospel-centred future for our church.

Summer Sermon Series

In the upcoming summer months, I pray that our sermon series will continue to engage and inspire our congregation. In July, we’ll explore "Gospel Culture: A Call to Be Different," encouraging us to live out our faith in a way that brings Christ into our society with grace and truth. In August, our focus will shift back to the Old Testament, studying the book of Nahum, “Revealing a God of Just Love." Lastly, in September, we’ll study the letter of Jude as “A Call to Reclaim the Truth," emphasizing the importance of having faith that can stand firm in the face of false doctrines.

Vacation and Study Leave

I have one week of vacation scheduled for the last week of July, followed by a week of study leave during the first week of August. During this time, Elijah and Herber will finish out our "Gospel Culture" series, then Aaron will launch our Nahum series. During my week of study leave, I will be praying through and starting to create my 2024 preaching calendar, while speaking at three breakout sessions during the FUSION Alaska Youth Conference. I’ll be back to finish the last 3 weeks of the Nahum series and I’ll preach all four messages for the Jude series before I take a second week of vacation during the last week of September. Hopefully, this last week is cut short by a moose in the freezer.

Other Ministry Highlights Ongoing Pastoral Work

As is my practice, I’ve been actively meeting with and counselling individuals as requests are made. I have continued to lead our ministry team and participate in Church Board work. I have ongoing pastoral apprenticeship work with and for Elijah and Aaron. I am being mentored on a regular basis by a retired pastor and participate in ongoing accountability with a local pastor. Additionally, I’m continuing my master's degree studies through ACTS Seminaries, taking one course at a time and fitting it in as best I can, when I can.

Prayer Requests

I’d appreciate your prayers for wisdom and good decision-making, especially in balancing necessary school work and family commitments during time off. Please pray for the success of our new set of mentees and the launch of the Church Leader Apprenticeship program. Lastly, pray for Aaron as he leads the Building Exterior Refresh project, that everything falls into place before the winter season arrives.

Thank you so much for your support for me, my family and our team, over the past quarter. It truly has been a fun season of ministry, as we’ve witnessed God move through personal commitments of faith, declarations through baptisms and the development of new leaders and ministry workers. We have been blessed and Christ has been magnified!

Jeremy Norton

Lead Pastor, Mountainview Church